Fabié Food
« We do our utmost day after day to preserve taste and develop safe and simple products. »

> made to measure products and services :

More than a marketing strategy, a reality ! Our R&D ability serves your creativity and new demands. Thanks to our expertise and organisation we can design a product with you and for you. We develop, you test, we adjust and when it fits, we produce !


Changing in consumption and consummers patterns as well as move of marketing method , led us to develop a process which allowed us to  to create THE product that will meet emerging needs. We want to work with you and give you an original, safe and appropriate answer to each time of consumption.


Inovate means keep renewing oneself, improving customer experience... You are a manufacturer or an industrialist and you need to develop a specific product : we will manufacture it in a way that gives it full meaning and new value, in co-branding or partnership to create THE product of YOUR brand !


• EXPERIENCE the transmission of our values through traditional recipes,
• DEVELOP safe, innovative, simple and delicious products,
• REMAIN vigilant about raw materials origin, 
• MEET emerging needs of demanding consummers,
• CREATE products for every new times of consumption,
• PRESERVE jobs and quality of life in FRANCE and in Corrèze !

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